by Martin Smith


"Photography - the ability to capture a moment that's otherwise gone for ever"



Born in the U.K. in 1952, I am a semi retired award winning Photographer. My work has appeared in a variety of photographic magazines and periodicals including the B.B.C. publication "A place in the sun" and a one year commission in the tobacco fields of Bulgaria for the American industry magazine, "Tobacco Reporter".


I love to take photographs in any and all situations but my main area of interest is the innovative use of every day objects to create conceptual photographic images.


Most all of the images on this website can be purchased. All images are for sale by electronic digital transfer means in high resolution (300 dpi) and available immediately on receipt of payment via e- mail or other web hosting means.


All of the images can be same day printed and posted worlwide on A4,A5 (C5)or A6 (C6) gloss or matt paper or poly canvas or indeed any smaller size or quantity suitable for use in keyfobs, i.d. cards or similar.


Smoke images can be colour adjusted to suit your d├ęcor and any image can be purchased on an exclusivity agreement.


Payment can be made by most means including credit card payments via Paypal.


If you have an interest in a particular image or images contact me to discuss the price.


PHOTOSHOP EDITING. If you own a photograph that you are proud of but which contains Cracks, marks or unwanted background clutter or simply requires a more scenic background then I will repair, change, edit, and / or remove the background on any single image with a guarantee or you don't pay a penny. For further details of this service just drop me an e-mail me with your requirements: [email protected]