I have been into photography as a hobby for as long as I can remember and around 15 years ago, whilst living on the Isle of Mull in Scotland I purchased my first DSLR camera to capture the many beautiful sunsets on the island.  Unfortunately work came first and hobbies second and I never really got to grips with the camera as much as I would have liked.  In 2012 I found himself in a position to be able to retire early and my Wife and I  bought a house to renovate and we retired to a small village called Stambolovo located in South Bulgaria where the two of us now live.
I have spent most of the last three years renovating our 80-year-old house and found  the time to absorb myself into my photography a lot more.  I sold my 15 year old camera and upgraded to the modern day equivalent.
Although I like to take photographs in any and all situations, I  also applied my creative flair and with the use of digital I soon found that I can  produce some very creative images using smoke, water drops and macro but so can millions of other people and I wanted to apply my own style to my photography so I set up a small "studio" in our house and concentrated on producing thought provoking and conceptual images using ordinary everyday objects.  Since then I have created my own style of fine art photography. 
My equipment now consists of a canon 70D with 18 - 55mm kit lens, and a tamron 1:1 macro lens and of course a tripod.   My studio is filled with all sorts of clamps, backlights, flashes, string, pins, blue tak, incense sticks, etc,  and anything else that can be used to support, suspend or otherwise manipulate items into a creative pose.  Although a user of photoshop  myself, (who isn't), I pride myself in using it to minimal effect as I believe there is no skill or merit in altering an image that is so far away from the original.
Enjoy your journey through my website and feel able to contact me with any questions or comments via e-mail at martinsmithimages@hotmail.com

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